6 Month Old With Epiphysitis

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 | Share: Twitter | Facebook

Dr. Beebe,

My 6 month old APHA colt came up 3-legged lame after jumping a small ditch outside our barn on Sat. The vet came yesterday and did a large variety of tests and x-rays. Her findings indicated epiphysitis on his right rear pastern and an OCD lesion, which she felt was large. This is possibly the nicest colt I’ve gotten from his dam and possibly her last foal as she is getting some age on her. This colt is large and very muscular, and I’ve not been feeding him an extreme amount of protien as he’d been out on pasture with his momma until he was weaned about a month ago. The current treatment consists of stall rest and bute. I feel like this will not be enough. Do you think your product would help him? (more…)

Will OCD Pellets Help My 8yo With Subcondylar Cyst

Saturday, November 8th, 2008 | Share: Twitter | Facebook

Dr. Beebe,

I have some questions – I have two weanlings and a yearling that so far have no soundness issues, but I don’t want to wait until I do. Is it OK to feed them the OCD pellets as a prevention and if so, for how long? I also have an 8 yr old with a subcondylar cyst in her P2 rear leg – the University tried drilling to release pressure, but it’s still there. Will this help her? (more…)