9 year old oldenburg gelding never sound on his left hind

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My 9 year old oldenburg gelding has never been 100% sound on his left hind. He seems to drag the toe slightly.. I did a very expensive workup on him including xrays of his hocks and blocks of the entire leg. The only time he went 100% sound was when both the hock and stifle were blocked together, but not one or the other alone. THe xrays showed very mild changes. The vet recommended a very pricey bone scan, as they were at a loss. He doesn have a very small scar on that stifle. What dose do you think I start him on of the ocd? How long at the dose? Thanks!

Also, I did ocd surgery (well not me ūüėČ 7 1/2 years ago on my now 9 year old Thoroughbred gelding, he had an ocd the size of a half dollar in his left stifle, he has never taken a lame step since.. but do you think that I should put him on the pellets as a caution? Thanks again!

Radial Carpus Bone Chips

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Dr. Beebe,

We raise racing Quarter horses. ¬†We are having problems with chips on radial carpus bones on 3 horses – all by the same¬† stallion. ¬†Although it doesn’t appear conformationally that these horses are calf-kneed, the¬† vets tell me these chips are a result of calf-kneed horses.¬† Can OCD pellets help to increase bone in these areas in foals? ¬†Also, we¬† have a horse that will undergo surgery for a chip in the upper carpal bone. ¬† Can OCD pellets help rebuild bone for him in the knees?

Thanks for your insight.

7 month old Arabian Filly diagnosed with OCD

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¬† I have a 7 month old Arabian filly who was just diagnosed with OCD in both stifles. The lesions are small, no chips or fragments were seen on the x-rays, and they are on a non-weight bearing area of her stiffles. Surgery is not really an option for me at this time since I was laid off from my job last month. (more…)

Diagnosed with OCD’s in the Fetlock & Stiffle

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¬† I have a 6 year old appaloosa that was diagnosed with OCD of the fetlock and stiffle joints. He isn’t a performance horse, and rarely gets ridden hard, if at all, but is always injuring himself upon turnout. (He gets out at least every other day). My question is, what % of Hyaluronic Acid do the pellets contain? He is already taking Trifecta for joints,¬†which has a high percentage of H.A. in it. Are your pellets going to help rebuild his cartilage and bone? How does your product work to rebuild and maintain?

Thanks for your time,


Quarter Horse Mare with Sore Feet

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QUESTION: I have a 6yr AQHA mare that I bought as a weanling… When I brought her home, I continued her on a steady alfalfa/grass hay diet, supplemented with 1 gal of Nutreana’s Youth Design & 1/2 gal of¬†Empower, with a daily exercise regimine of trotting behind a 4-wheeler up and around our dry farm – the exact same exercise & diet as my stud colt received (same age). (more…)

Quarter Horse With Unusual Knots

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Dr. Beebe,

I have a Quarter Horse broodmare who came up with a knot that looks like she may have been kicked. Our vet seems to think it is arthritis. We just got her pregnant, too. Is it okay to feed OCD Pellets to her, or should we wait till later? We have a three week old Quarter Horse foal that has just started eating grain. Would it be alright to feed it to her? It says it is for pregnant mares and then it talks about feeding the mare the second trimester. So I need to know if it is okay to feed it to her now with no complications. Thank you for your time, I do appreciate it.


Bone Chips In 8 Year Old Mare

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Dr. Beebe,

I picked up an 8 year old mare that has been pretty hard used. She was used on a cow/calf operation when she was three, and the guy used her hard. Then she was sold to a younger girl who used her for roping and some barrel racing. The mare has some old rope scars on her hind legs. The girl was chasing a bull and ran the mare through a bog and the mare came up sore after that.

After we bought her at the sale, we brought her home and I noticed she has a raised bump on her backbone in the lower lumbar area. She was also very short strided in her hind end and very stiff on her right side.

I had a vet/chiropractor look her over,¬†who thought she might have some scar tissue in her back. She said her stifles were clean from what she could tell. She was able to adjust her neck but the mare wouldn’t let her get close to her back.

I have been massaging and trying to stretch this mare every day, and it has helped her some. I also gave her adequan and use a photonic torch light on her. The bump on her back has gone down a lot since she has been able to roll when she needs to. She is still short strided but is getting a little better.

I was wondering if your OCD pellets might help in a case like this? I have always used Legend and Adequan and hock injections on my competition horses, but I’m trying to find something that is more cost effective. I have one of my mares on daily 72 minerals supplement. Would OCD work with this?

I would appreciate any information you could give me.

Thank you,

6 Month Old With Epiphysitis

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Dr. Beebe,

My 6 month old APHA colt came up 3-legged lame after jumping a small ditch outside our barn on Sat. The vet came yesterday and did a large variety of tests and x-rays. Her findings indicated epiphysitis on his right rear pastern and an OCD lesion, which she felt was large. This is possibly the nicest colt I’ve gotten from his dam and possibly her last foal as she is getting some age on her. This colt is large and very muscular, and I’ve not been feeding him an extreme amount of protien as he’d been out on pasture with his momma until he was weaned about a month ago. The current treatment consists of stall rest and bute. I feel like this will not be enough. Do you think your product would help him? (more…)

Will OCD Pellets Help My 8yo With Subcondylar Cyst

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Dr. Beebe,

I have some questions – I have two weanlings and a yearling that so far have no soundness issues, but I don’t want to wait until I do. Is it OK to feed them the OCD pellets as a prevention and if so, for how long? I also have an 8 yr old with a subcondylar cyst in her P2 rear leg – the University tried drilling to release pressure, but it’s still there. Will this help her? (more…)

Will OCD Help Other Areas Besides Leg Bones?

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Dr. Beebe,

I am inquiring to know if your product OCD would have any beneficial effect on an 18 year old TB show jumper. The reason I consider using it is that he has had a bone cyst on his right lower jaw that stayed infected for about a year, and we are sure of some bone loss due to the infection and slight necrotic tissue. The vet has debrided it and we are treating the infection, but would OCD have any effect in helping new bone rebuild itself in that part of the body even if it’s not a leg? (more…)

What About Dry Hock Joints?

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Dr. Beebe

What about dry hock joints? (more…)

Protein Content of OCD Pellets

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Dr. Beebe,

What is the protein content of this supplement? Can you feed it with a feed like “Safe Choice” for weanlings along with their hay, or would you feed this only with oats or beet pulp and hay? How do I get the protein content high enough for the weanling? The mare is pregnant again,¬†so could¬†I just add this to her food as well? She too is on free choice hay/pasture paddock and Safe Choice. both are on 24/7 turnout. I have asked questions before but want to be sure I am not over-supplementing. (more…)

Recommended Age To Start OCD Pellets

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Dr. Beebe,

At what age do you recommend starting OCD pellets? What would be the proper dose for a two month old warmblood colt? (more…)

Connemara with Bone Lesions and Cysts In Both Stiffles

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Dr. Beebe,

I have a seven year old Connemara that has been diagnosed with bone lesions and bone cysts in both stifles. I have taken her to NC State Vet Hospital in Raleigh, NC. The option was surgery. (more…)

Low/Slung Heel Assistance

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Dr. Beebe,

I have emailed before, but have another question. I already feed Platinum Performance (flax based); could I finish this out while on OCD Pellets? Also how much biotin is in the pellets? I have a mare (hopefully)Pg TB/dutchwbld that has low slung heels, and I want to help her grow better feet if possible. Would the pellets be enough? (more…)

Recommended Diet For Recovery With OCD Pellets

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Dr. Beebe,

We have used OCD with great success in the past. We have just learned our very promising 2 year old colt in training has suffered a fracture to the left knee. It appears the fracture is not displaced and the vet is suggesting stall rest and not surgery. We immediately started him on OCD. My question is: do you have a recommended diet in conjunctionwith the regimen of OCD? (more…)

Will OCD Pellets Pass Drug Testing?

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Do you know if this product is legal for use in competing dressage horses with the United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Dressage Federation?¬†¬†These horses are frequently blood and urine tested at competitions for illegal substances that would enhance performance. (more…)

Will OCD Pellets Help My Young Foal?

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Dr. Beebe,

I have a foal that was sent to Auburn Vet Hospital at one week of age with a diagnosis of joint ill. She has been treated for two weeks with aggressive flushing of the elbow joint and has progressed very well. I will be bringing her home Monday, June 23….she will be on oral antibiotics another 30 days. The elbow joint shows a bone lesion from the infection and my question is: will the OCD supplement help in such a young foal… she’s not eating grain at this point….but I plan to set up a creep feeder for her when she gets home and want to provide every nutrient available to help her recovery. (more…)

Helping An Arthritic Draft Mare

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I have a 5yo Draft (Ardenne) mare, 15.2 hands, 1900lbs. She has had 2 stifle surgeries. The first at 10 months old and the second at 2 years old. She is still stiff in the joint and still ‘Pops’ when she moves. I was told both times she would be 100% sound. Currently she has a foal at her side and is bred for next year

Requirements for this horse would be riding and driving for pleasure and occasionally pulling a wagon — with a team mate, in the mountains 1 week, twice a year.

She is also a very finicky eater. As far as introducing new products to her, I have thrown some very expensive supplements away. (more…)

Two Month Old Dutch-Fresian-Thoroughbred Mix Colt

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Dr. Beebe,

I have a Dutch/TB mare that was bred to a Freisan and my colt is now 2 months old.¬† She eats SafeChoice and free choice home grown hay and a small amount of grass in pasture/paddock. He nibbles these things as well. They are outside 24/7 at this point and in the winter will be in a large 20 acre pasture.¬† She has been on Platinum Performance which is an Omega 3 supplement with trace minerals and glucosamine. Would this be instead of that or in addition? Do you recommend a specific feed to go with your OCD Pellets for weanling? (more…)