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Dr. Beebe,

What is the protein content of this supplement? Can you feed it with a feed like “Safe Choice” for weanlings along with their hay, or would you feed this only with oats or beet pulp and hay? How do I get the protein content high enough for the weanling? The mare is pregnant again, so could I just add this to her food as well? She too is on free choice hay/pasture paddock and Safe Choice. both are on 24/7 turnout. I have asked questions before but want to be sure I am not over-supplementing.

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  1. DocBeebe says:


    This must be your day!!! I am answering questions and you just sent yours so I will answer. Normally I only have time to answer ever 2-3 days. The OCD Pellets contain very little protein, but are alfalfa based, so do contain 7-9 % protein, but you only feed 1 oz. per day so this is insignificant. OCD Pellets can be fed with any supplement. OCD Pellets were designed to be fed to pregnant mares in order to provide them with the nutrients needed to have a strong healthy foal. Your weanling will be fine with any feed containing 14 – 16 % protein. Try to add some fat to the feed in the form of a fat supplement or some type of oil (corn oil). Beet pulp and good quality hay are great.

    Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets.

    Dr. Beebe

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