Atypical reaction to a routine left stifle injection

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Dear Doc,
I have a 16 yo warmblood cross hunter/jumper gelding. We have done x-rays on him every 4 months for the past year. A year ago last October. he had an atypical reaction to a routine left stifle injection which resulted in inflammation (but not infection) and 5/5 lameness followed by 2 arthroscopic surgeries to lavage and scope the area. We finally got on top of the inflammation after the second surgery and he has been rehabbing since a year ago last January. Here’s my new dilemma: we x-rayed him on his visit last Monday for IRAP (about his 5th course within the past year) and those new films are now registering subcchondral cysts, one larger on the left stifle and one more faint on the right stifle. These have never shown up on previous films. Of course, I would love to think that your OCD Pellets might help him. Is he too old to be aided by the Pellets? Would your money-back guarantee apply if we tried him on the Pellets and then x-rayed him again after a reasonable amount of time? Again, I would be overjoyed to use OCD Pellets and have them work for him.

Thanks for your timely response. I’d like to start him on the Pellets as soon as possible if you think they might help him, even in his advanced age.

Stifle Bruising and Lameness

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 | Share: Twitter | Facebook

On May 28th my 14 yr old barrel horse was involved in a trailer accident where he fell under another horse and got kicked and stepped on in his stifle area. On July 12th a bone scan was done at Texas A&M University which showed heavily bruising, but nothing broken or fractured. After the bone scan was completed, He was taken back to our vet the following day for arthroscopic surgery which revealed cartilage damage in his right hind stifle. (more…)

OCD in Hocks

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Dr. Beebe,

I have a 2 year old 1/2 arab dutch cross gelding. He has been out in a large pasture since he was weaned. This April I noticed his right hock had swelling and fluid. I took him in for x-rays, and found he had OCD in the right hock and both stifles. I had the surgery done on the joints, and brought him in the barn for re-hab, stall rest then, walking only. (more…)

Dressage Gelding with OCD Cysts and Lameness

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Dr. Beebe,

I have a 5 year of dressage gelding that was diagnosed with an OCD cyst in his left hind stifle at 2 years old.  He is now showing signs of lameness in his stifle.  My vet is x-raying him to determine if the OCD cyst is the cause and the plan would be to inject his stifle and if that is not successful to operate.  What do you think?  Also, what is the best feed for this horse in the future and will the OCD supplement help a 5 year old.  He is about 16 hands, a lighter frame, and is of good weight and muscle.  I have heard that the low starch feed is good for OCD horses but have received conflicting views.


Pony stifle issues

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Hey Doc Beebe, I just thought I would up date you on  our pony stifle issues. He has been on OCD now for about 3 weeks. He is no longer getting Adaquan injections and have stopped the hormone therapy for the time being. Our home farrier checked him out about the same time he started OCD, said 3 of his 4 feet were out of balance, and his front toes were way to long, but couldn’t do anything at the time because he needed more growth, so it has now been 3 weeks and he came out yesterday and put shoes all the way around, he is still a little out of balance because he still needs more growth to fix all the imbalance, but he is keeping in close communication with us as to how he is doing, and will be back out in 6 weeks to do them again. (more…)

7 month old Arabian Filly diagnosed with OCD

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  I have a 7 month old Arabian filly who was just diagnosed with OCD in both stifles. The lesions are small, no chips or fragments were seen on the x-rays, and they are on a non-weight bearing area of her stiffles. Surgery is not really an option for me at this time since I was laid off from my job last month. (more…)

Bone Chips In 8 Year Old Mare

Friday, March 26th, 2010 | Share: Twitter | Facebook

Dr. Beebe,

I picked up an 8 year old mare that has been pretty hard used. She was used on a cow/calf operation when she was three, and the guy used her hard. Then she was sold to a younger girl who used her for roping and some barrel racing. The mare has some old rope scars on her hind legs. The girl was chasing a bull and ran the mare through a bog and the mare came up sore after that.

After we bought her at the sale, we brought her home and I noticed she has a raised bump on her backbone in the lower lumbar area. She was also very short strided in her hind end and very stiff on her right side.

I had a vet/chiropractor look her over, who thought she might have some scar tissue in her back. She said her stifles were clean from what she could tell. She was able to adjust her neck but the mare wouldn’t let her get close to her back.

I have been massaging and trying to stretch this mare every day, and it has helped her some. I also gave her adequan and use a photonic torch light on her. The bump on her back has gone down a lot since she has been able to roll when she needs to. She is still short strided but is getting a little better.

I was wondering if your OCD pellets might help in a case like this? I have always used Legend and Adequan and hock injections on my competition horses, but I’m trying to find something that is more cost effective. I have one of my mares on daily 72 minerals supplement. Would OCD work with this?

I would appreciate any information you could give me.

Thank you,