Bone Chips In 8 Year Old Mare

Dr. Beebe,

I picked up an 8 year old mare that has been pretty hard used. She was used on a cow/calf operation when she was three, and the guy used her hard. Then she was sold to a younger girl who used her for roping and some barrel racing. The mare has some old rope scars on her hind legs. The girl was chasing a bull and ran the mare through a bog and the mare came up sore after that.

After we bought her at the sale, we brought her home and I noticed she has a raised bump on her backbone in the lower lumbar area. She was also very short strided in her hind end and very stiff on her right side.

I had a vet/chiropractor look her over, who thought she might have some scar tissue in her back. She said her stifles were clean from what she could tell. She was able to adjust her neck but the mare wouldn’t let her get close to her back.

I have been massaging and trying to stretch this mare every day, and it has helped her some. I also gave her adequan and use a photonic torch light on her. The bump on her back has gone down a lot since she has been able to roll when she needs to. She is still short strided but is getting a little better.

I was wondering if your OCD pellets might help in a case like this? I have always used Legend and Adequan and hock injections on my competition horses, but I’m trying to find something that is more cost effective. I have one of my mares on daily 72 minerals supplement. Would OCD work with this?

I would appreciate any information you could give me.

Thank you,

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