Atypical reaction to a routine left stifle injection

Dear Doc,
I have a 16 yo warmblood cross hunter/jumper gelding. We have done x-rays on him every 4 months for the past year. A year ago last October. he had an atypical reaction to a routine left stifle injection which resulted in inflammation (but not infection) and 5/5 lameness followed by 2 arthroscopic surgeries to lavage and scope the area. We finally got on top of the inflammation after the second surgery and he has been rehabbing since a year ago last January. Here’s my new dilemma: we x-rayed him on his visit last Monday for IRAP (about his 5th course within the past year) and those new films are now registering subcchondral cysts, one larger on the left stifle and one more faint on the right stifle. These have never shown up on previous films. Of course, I would love to think that your OCD Pellets might help him. Is he too old to be aided by the Pellets? Would your money-back guarantee apply if we tried him on the Pellets and then x-rayed him again after a reasonable amount of time? Again, I would be overjoyed to use OCD Pellets and have them work for him.

Thanks for your timely response. I’d like to start him on the Pellets as soon as possible if you think they might help him, even in his advanced age.

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  1. DocBeebe says:

    Sounds like we have a real challenge here!!! I am sure the OCD Pellets will be cheaper!!! Let’s give them a try for 4 months. We have had several cases that have responded to the Pellets that did not respond to previous procedures so I am willing to give it a try. He is not too old as bone is continually remodeling itself throughout the life of the horse, only more slowly as they age. If you decide to give the OCD Pellets a try, order a 15 lb container (4 months supply at 2 scoops/day ) and we will send you a free 4 lb (1 month supply at 2 scoops/day ). You will then have enough for 5 months at the full strength dosage. You could x-ray after the 5-month trial to see the improvement. During this time, I would feed only oats (no sweetfeed ) and really only oats if necessary.

    Keep me posted. Have a great day!!

    Dr.D.R. Beebe

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