Stifle Bruising and Lameness

On May 28th my 14 yr old barrel horse was involved in a trailer accident where he fell under another horse and got kicked and stepped on in his stifle area. On July 12th a bone scan was done at Texas A&M University which showed heavily bruising, but nothing broken or fractured. After the bone scan was completed, He was taken back to our vet the following day for arthroscopic surgery which revealed cartilage damage in his right hind stifle. The vet then harvested bone marrow from his hip, and injected stem cells approximately 3 weeks later.

I brought him home and he shortly showed great signs of improvement. However several days ago, he went lame again. I took him back to the vet who took several x-rays, and an ultra sound, and found no real cause for the amount of lameness.  The vet discussed the option of cutting our losses, and putting him down. The vet said he can not tell me if this horse will become sound again, because he cannot find anything wrong. The swelling has gone down, the joint appears to be normal, the ultra sound was good, however a small cyst was found on the x-ray. The vet said he has not seen a cyst located as this one was, but did not seem to think it was the cause of his lameness. Do you feel your product would work so that he would not have to be put down?

Thank you,
Laura D.

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  1. DocBeebe says:


    I feel terrible you have had so much trauma. You appear to have done everything possible. I, like you, feel there must be something we can do. If we had a specific diagnosis, then we would be able to make a more intelligent decision as to the next move. However, being as we do not, I would suggest to you that we feed 2 oz/day of the OCD Pellets and give this horse every opportunity. We have been able to resolve many issues that veterinarians thought not possible. So, keep your head up, stay positive, and let’s give it a go.

    Keep me posted and send any questions you may have. Have a great day.

    Dr.D.R. Beebe

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