Bog Spavin

I have a 11-year-old gelding that was diagnosed with a bog spavin in his left hock. I did a pressure wrap, injections, and put him on a supplement with MSM, chondroitin, and have him on LubriSyn. He is not lame, but I am worried about the swelling in his hock. Do you think the the OCD pellets will help with the swelling?  Does it help heal the cartilage around the hock?
Thanks, Kay

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  1. DocBeebe says:

    Although you are feeding supplements for the joint fluid, only OCD Pellets “feed” the bone . You have a bone problem and when you have a strong bone matrix formed, you will have healthy joints. Afterall, every joint consists of mainly bone and fluid. Joint problems occur due to a poor bone matrix, and we must address the bone (skeletal system) if we expect to have a sound horse. Many joint supplements (including LubriSyn) only address the joint fluid. That is why OCD Pellets are so effective – they address not only the fluid but also the main issue– the bone matrix. I am confident you will see a significant difference should you decide to try OCD Pellets. Begin by feeding 2 oz/day for the first 60 days. The remodeling of the hock may take some time but you will certainly have developed a much stronger bone matrix.

    Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets. Have a great day!!

    Dr. D.R. Beebe

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