Pony stifle issues

Hey Doc Beebe, I just thought I would up date you on  our pony stifle issues. He has been on OCD now for about 3 weeks. He is no longer getting Adaquan injections and have stopped the hormone therapy for the time being. Our home farrier checked him out about the same time he started OCD, said 3 of his 4 feet were out of balance, and his front toes were way to long, but couldn’t do anything at the time because he needed more growth, so it has now been 3 weeks and he came out yesterday and put shoes all the way around, he is still a little out of balance because he still needs more growth to fix all the imbalance, but he is keeping in close communication with us as to how he is doing, and will be back out in 6 weeks to do them again.

We want to THANK-YOU so much for your advice. You are AWESOME. We are keeping him on OCD, the locking did not get worse at all from stopping the hormone therapy since being on OCD. So now we’ll see what decent, caring farriering does. Our hopes are high. And you know, after the last time the other farrier did his feet the hormones only helped for I think 1 or 2 days and he was locking again. Interesting!!!

Again WE THANK-YOU!!! And we will keep you posted. Today will be his first ride with better feet, excited to see how it goes.   Jackwin

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  1. Doc Beebe says:

    Sorry about the delay in answering. This appears to be a serious problem. I rarely see this over such a long period of time as locked stifles generally get better with turnout and time. However, I feel the OCD Pellets will certainly help particularly with the arthritis which appears to be getting worse and understandably so. I would suggest you feed 2 oz/day of the OCD Pellets and do not worry about the alfalfa as you would only be feeding 2 oz/day which is insignificant considering the total diet. I can help you with the hormone therapy cost if you can keep a secret and are sure you know what it is. I am fairly sure I know but if you are able to read your bill you will certainly be able to make sure. You could call me at 859-519-5486 which is my cell and leave a message if I am tied up and unable to answer. Please make sure you give your phone number Slowly!!!
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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