Helping An Arthritic Draft Mare

I have a 5yo Draft (Ardenne) mare, 15.2 hands, 1900lbs. She has had 2 stifle surgeries. The first at 10 months old and the second at 2 years old. She is still stiff in the joint and still ‘Pops’ when she moves. I was told both times she would be 100% sound. Currently she has a foal at her side and is bred for next year

Requirements for this horse would be riding and driving for pleasure and occasionally pulling a wagon — with a team mate, in the mountains 1 week, twice a year.

She is also a very finicky eater. As far as introducing new products to her, I have thrown some very expensive supplements away.

We have done the Adaquan route and the Cosequine with no difference.
Any thoughts?

Thank you,


What a nice all-round useful horse.   Sounds like she is having arthritic conditions that are not being resolved and may not be totally resolved but certainly some degree of comfort may be achieved. We have had many clients that have tried the products you have mentioned and after feeding the OCD Pellets were very pleased and excited. One main distinction we provide our clients is, we will return your money if we do not meet your level of satisfaction. I understand your concern about buying expensive products only to realize your horse will not eat them . OCD Pellets are alfalfa based and we are told many times that the horses will eat them out of your hand-so that is not an issue. Many thoroughbreds are finicky eaters and we have not had any that would not eat them readily.

Dr. D.R. Beebe

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