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I have emailed before, but have another question. I already feed Platinum Performance (flax based); could I finish this out while on OCD Pellets? Also how much biotin is in the pellets? I have a mare (hopefully)Pg TB/dutchwbld that has low slung heels, and I want to help her grow better feet if possible. Would the pellets be enough? My daughter has an App with sore heels as well; both could use a little help with their feet. I would like to put my 3 month old baby on this, because it sounds very helpful in OCD prevention and other growing bone problems; but I do not want to over-supplement. As I mentioned before, I am a small animal vet with minimal nutritional background in horses although I recognize that most horses need low starch, adequate protein, and fat, with tons of forage to do well. Mare and baby are out side 24/7 on pasture or eaten down pasture, and hay. Mare is breeding and App is eventing and boarded elsewhere, and eats hay/pasture and progressive supplements and Plat. Performance. He gets Legend injections and had his hocks recently injected and is doing fabulous. He has shoes and pads but the mare is barefoot and occ. heelsore as well…bruises easily.

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  1. DocBeebe says:


    Absolutely, -no problem with the Flax. Although OCD Pellets were designed for the formation of better quality bone matrix we have had several clients that related to us that their horses feet were doing much better. This is likely due to the similarity in the demands of the hoof wall with respect to trace mineral complexes and the bone matrix. Many of our clients have their babies on the OCD Pellets as they realize the importance of strong bone.

    Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets.


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