Diagnosed with OCD’s in the Fetlock & Stiffle

¬† I have a 6 year old appaloosa that was diagnosed with OCD of the fetlock and stiffle joints. He isn’t a performance horse, and rarely gets ridden hard, if at all, but is always injuring himself upon turnout. (He gets out at least every other day). My question is, what % of Hyaluronic Acid do the pellets contain? He is already taking Trifecta for joints,¬†which has a high percentage of H.A. in it. Are your pellets going to help rebuild his cartilage and bone? How does your product work to rebuild and maintain?

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  1. DocBeebe says:

    The OCD Pellets contain a minimum of 100mg of H.A./day. This however is not the most important ingredient. The pellets contain the nutritional components required for the formation of a strong bone matrix. As you are aware, bone is always remodeling, and in this process we must supply the body what the bone requires to form a strong matrix. OCD Pellets have resolved many bone issues from OCD Lesions to bone cysts, along with being able to prevent/resolve arthritis, which is certainly always a concern when you have OCD lesions that have been there for long periods of time, and are not being addressed with proper nutrition.
    I feel confident OCD Pellets would help your horse resolve the OCD lesions, as it has for many other clients, and will certainly make him more “pain-free.”
    Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets. Have a nice day.

    Dr. D.R. Beebe

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