Coffin Bone Fracture

I have a 6 year old gelding that broke his coffin bone 4 months ago. I have been giving him Acti-Flex. Will this product you are selling help him heal faster and get him back racing sooner? He is a harness horse. I had him x-rayed about two weeks ago, and the Vet said it seemed to be coming along. He is walking around fine, but I know if I put him back in training too soon, he may go lame again.

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  1. Ray,
    I am somewhat hesitant to answer this question because you may think I am not being truthful. OCD Pellets, although very effective for many bone lesions, are “VERY” effective in healing fractures. Many veterinarians across the country are radiographing fractures, and reporting much quicker healing times according to their x-rays, not mine. I would suggest you feed 2 oz/day until the radiographs show complete healing. Remember Ray, many racing horses are racing on OCD Pellets, and they are staying sounder because of the 100 mg of HA per day, along with the nutrients required for the bone matrix.

    Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets. Have a great day.

    Dr.D.R. Beebe

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