Will OCD Help Other Areas Besides Leg Bones?

Dr. Beebe,

I am inquiring to know if your product OCD would have any beneficial effect on an 18 year old TB show jumper. The reason I consider using it is that he has had a bone cyst on his right lower jaw that stayed infected for about a year, and we are sure of some bone loss due to the infection and slight necrotic tissue. The vet has debrided it and we are treating the infection, but would OCD have any effect in helping new bone rebuild itself in that part of the body even if it’s not a leg?

I just want to help him heal the right way; he is the most athletic, sweet, unbelievable individual anyone could ask for and deserves the best.

Thank you,

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  1. DocBeebe says:


    Very interesting case. We must remember however that bone remodeling requires the correct combination of nutrients to repair itself. OCD Pellets supply these nutrients as the remodeling process continues throughout the life of your horse. Your Veterinarian has done a great job and now we need to address the remodeling of this bone.

    Glad to be of help with what sounds like a great horse. You should feed 2 oz. per day and then radiograph after 60-90 days.

    Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets. Have a great day!!!

    Dr. D.R. Beebe

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