AQHA filly diagnosed with Epiphysitis at 12 months

We have a 16 month old AQHA filly that has been diagnosed with Epiphysitis at 12 months. She had been a a balance, growth 16% formula feed from five months until both hocks swelled up like softballs.

For the last four months she has been on stall rest with orchard grass hay. The swelling has improved – her left hock is almost normal and the right is ping pong ball size. Radiographs taken at 14 months show improvement over originals taken at 12 months, Our vet has suggested that we could start the filly on a supplement. Would OCD pellets be an appropriate choice? Can you provide me with nutritional facts for your product? Do you have any other suggestions for her nutrition needs?

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  1. DocBeebe says:

    I have had many cases of epiphysitis referred to the clinic and although I do not consider myself an expert, I can certainly help you. Epiphysitis occurs due to nutrition. High protein diets along with high carbohydrates found in sweet feeds are the main culprits. I can tell you are a good “mother” and were feeding your baby well. This however is sometimes “too” much nutrition. I suggest you feed more oats and less sweetfeed (12%). along with a basic good quality hay. I feed 3 parts oats and one part sweetfeed and only enough to keep a good body score ( not Fat but in good condition).

    You have a bone issue ( epiphysitis ) and OCD Pellets were designed to resolve bone issues . They are “very” effective in resolving epiphysitis. Should you decide to give OCD Pellets a try, I suggest you begin by feeding 2 oz/day until the swelling is completely resolved. Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets. Have a great day.


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