Will this product benefit my horses?

Hi I would like to know if this product would be of benefit for two of my horses. First I have a 4 year old Arabian colt who I’m riding but he still has seemingly open knees and slight calf kneed conformation. I do not want to push him but I wish he was stronger in this area. And another arabian mare 12 years old horse who has a clicking in the left rear fetlock or pastern area in collected dressage work only sometimes I have a vet do an exam on her and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her but there is a loud cracking on collected canter left lead and certain other movements and I can tell it bothers her when it’s happening. Let me know what you think.
Thank you, April

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  1. DocBeebe says:

    With respect to your 4 yr. old – all horses knees are closed by this time so that is not your issue. Conformation may be the culprit leading to joint problems and consequently perhaps some degree of lameness. However , most of these issues may be prevented or resolved with a strong bone matrix. We accomplish this by providing the nutrients required by the bone. I am not positively sure you need OCD Pellets but it appears you do have a strong possibilty that due to conformation your horse is under more stress and therefore you must have strong bone to prevent an arthritic condition setting up.
    Now with respect to the clicking in the rear pastern. This may not be significant at all but certainly is annoying and disconcerting as we always associate these noises with some degree of discomfort or pain. I do feel both your horses will definitely benefit from having stronger bone and therefore decreased chances of any arthritis setting up in these joints and the feeding of OCD Pellets will certainly aid in these cases.
    Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets.

    Dr. D. R. Beebe

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