Six-month-old foal recently diagnosed with OCD

Good morning,

I have a six-month-old foal which was recently diagnosed with OCD. He wasn’t overfed so getting condition off him wasn’t any concern. My vet told me to feed him lightly and keep him stabled. What a disaster! We had only just purchased him in the middle of November  Thankfully,  I found you on the internet. I hope and pray that we will have good news in a few months. I am just wondering if we should continue with the small feeds and keep him stable bound?

Regards, Josephine

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  1. DocBeebe says:

    I would suggest you feed 2 oz/day of the OCD Pellets and do not keep this baby confined. Exercise is important in the formation of a strong bone matrix. Besides, keeping a youngster confined makes for a very unhappy/stressed baby which does not help with the healing process. Feed your baby enough to keep a good body score – not fat but not thin !!! Everything will be O.K. Keep a positive attitude and have fun with your baby!!!

    Dr. D.R. Beebe

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