What is the precise composition of your products?

I noticed while looking at the ingredients of OCD Pellets on your website, I cannot find the precise composition of your products. In particular, I would like to know how much minerals such as Zn, Cu, Ca, and P are in your products.

Dr. Albert

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  1. DocBeebe says:

    Dr. Nicolas Albert,
    Very good question and I certainly understand your concern. However, in the formulation of OCD Pellets we included only combinations of ions in chelated forms that are highly assimilated and required in the formation of the bone matrix. It was the specific intent not to include ionic forms of Cu /Zn etc. as they are readily available in most equine diets and ultimately would effect assimilation. OCD Pellets are very specific nutrition for the bone matrix and synovial fluid. The daily dosage is only 1 oz/day which permits the horse owner to be assured they are not disrupting (causing an imbalance – eg. Ca/P ratios) of their feeding program. One of the main intents during the formulation of OCD Pellets was to include only complexes required for joint/bone health, while allowing other important available ingredients to be supplied by the overall diet. After 6 years , and several adjustments our steady increases in customer satisfaction and sales, it is evident OCD Pellets are meeting the requirements for the prevention/resolution of many skeletal issues from OCD lesions, bone cysts, to more rapid resolution of fractures, as determined by Veterinarians worldwide. I am confident you will experience similar results for your clients should you decide to incorporate OCD Pellets in your feeding /nutritional program.
    Thank you for your interest in OCD Pellets. Have a great day !!

    Douglas R. Beebe (DVM)

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