About Dr. Beebe

After twenty – plus years of veterinarian practice Dr Beebe became concerned with the significant increase in problems associated with the equine skeletal system. After categorizing radiographs over a fifteen – year period he began seeing more and more fractures, spurs, Epiphysitis, OCD lesions, Sesamoiditis etc. This general breakdown of the skeletal system became a serious concern of his and his clients. Having done post – graduate work in nutrition he firmly believed there was a nutritional basis for this demise of the skeletal system of the equine athlete and not totally a genetic influence as most breeders’ believed.

It is common knowledge that wild horses travel many miles once or twice a year to obtain specific trace minerals contained within certain soils to aid in their overall nutritional health. The now total confinement of horses in general eliminates this travel entirely resulting in the horse not being permitted to attain the trace mineral complexes needed to produce a strong bone matrix resulting in an overall “weakened” skeletal system.

To make matters worse, after many soil samples it was found that most soils were leeched of the minerals needed to build a strong skeletal system. Accordingly, even though many horses are permitted limited grazing the grasses do not contain the minerals/vitamins required for the rapid growth of the skeletal system.

Enter OCD™ Pellets. Although many clients are feeding OCD™ Pellets to their horses to resolve issues such as those listed above, many are now seeing the true benefit of prevention of these serious bone lesions.

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